New year, new season

Posted by Carrie on January 29, 2015 at 9:50 PM

We love the beginning of a new year. Everything is fresh and new. Especially all the seed catalogs that fill our mailbox. The year is wide open. We can grow anything. We can peruse all the seeds and decide what we want to take our chances on this year. It is a time full of potential, and we love it. Seed catalogs are just whole books full of potential and they make us happy. We aren't worried about the amount of rain we are or aren't getting. We aren't worried about how to keep those bugs off of our precious plants. We aren't trying to find extra time in the day to take care of all those now grown seeds that we bought with big ideas. No, we are just dreaming and planning. We like all the seasons of a farmer's life, but there is something about seed ordering time that carries an excitement all it's own.

And we are ordering those seeds to provide for you - our CSA customer! We are now accepting applications for 2015 CSAs. We have limited space and the registration and deposit deadline is March 1. You can find all the information and an application on the CSA page here on our website. We would love to be YOUR farmer this year. Thanks for connecting with us!

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