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What We Believe

New Dawn Farm is nothing new - it has been around for a while. My mother-in-law grew up on this farm, as did her mother. The new comes in because my husband and I are starting from scratch here. We have always been concerned for the land and we always knew that we would end up being farmers on this land. We just didn't know that it would be this soon. But God has a way of putting you where He wants you to be and that is exactly what he did with us. So, now we are farmers.

We are raising grass-fed beef and growing vegetables the way God intended - naturally. We believe that feeding cows the grass that their body was made to ingest makes for better meat. We also believe that growing vegetables without the use of nasty pesticides and fertilizer makes for a healthier plant. And we believe that both of these make for a healthier environment. 

 Our growing family gets to enjoy the farm life, we get to work in concert with God's creation and enjoy helping people have access to real food. We are blessed.  

Please enjoy some of our food!

Thanks, Alan and Carrie Chandler 

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